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    Donwload Jurassic Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Full Latest Version For Android - Sampulmedia.com - kalian suka dengan action ,game yang satu ini memang cocok unutk kalian yaitu Jurassic Survival  game ini mengisahkan tentang kalian yang di buang ke pulau yang tak kalian ketahui dan teryata pulau tersebut penuh dengan dinosaurus dan kalian harus memilih antar mati kelaparan atau berburu dengan menghabisi dinosaurus tersebut,lakukan penjinakan kepada dinosurus yang kamu anggap sebagai kendaraan mu di Jurassic Survival dan bermainlah bersama teman-teman mu agar kamu lebih ramai dan mengasikan dan bangun lah rumah atau benteng kalian agar tidak terserang oleh dinosaurus besar di Jurassic Survival  jangan sampai benteng kalian tertembus habisi semua dinousaurus yang menyerang kalian dengan menggunakan senjata yang kalian beli,kalian juga bisa bersenang senang dengan mengejar kadala dan menembakinya dan apabila saat mengejar kadal kalian kehabisan uang karena ammo kalian habis ,tidak usah kawatir ,Jurassic Survival mod apk ini bisa kalian gunakan karena kalian akan mendapatkan unlimited money,dan kalian hanya perlu mengnyelesaikan misi dan tantangan dari Jurassic Survival  tanpa memikirkan uang kalian habis cukup menarik kan ,langsung bisa kalian ambil Jurassic Survival  mod apk nya dibawah dan rasakan dunia Jurassic Survival.

    Download Jurassic Survival Mod Full Premium For Android


    you like the action, this one game is suitable for you Jurassic Survival this game tells about you who throw to the island that you do not know and teryata the island is full of dinosaurs and you must choose between starving to death or hunting to finish off the dinosaur , do a tame to dinosaur that you think of as your vehicle in Jurassic Survival and play with your friends to make you more crowded and wake up and build your house or castle so as not to be attacked by big dinosaurs in Jurassic Survival do not let your castle pierced to kill all dinosaurs who attack you by the weapon you buy, you can also have fun to chase the kadala and shoot him and if when chasing your lizard run out of money because your ammo runs out, do not worry, Jurassic Survival mod apk this you can use because you will get unlimited m oney, and you just need to complete the mission and challenge of Jurassic Survival without thinking about your money is pretty interesting, you can take Jurassic Survival mod apk below and feel the world of Jurassic Survival.

    You were cast away on a mysterious island, full of giant dinosaurs. Dying of hunger and cold, you have to hunt, collect resources, craft things and build a shelter. You need to do your best to survive among hungry giant dinosaurs inhabiting the island. Team up with other players or take everything they have! Do whatever you want, but remember - the most important thing is to survive.

    In any situation, remember:


    • You can tame any dinosaur. Of course that’s not safe, but carrying logs on a diplodocus is much easier. And letting a huge tyrannosaurus loose on your enemy is extremely exciting.


    • Fresh meat, fruit and water - the island has lots of these. You just need to take yours and avoid being eaten.


    • Pretty simple. Collect as much building materials as you can and build your impenetrable fortress. But you have to be careful with the fence height because some dinosaurs will be able to easily step over your fence and visit you.


    • You can have a good time chasing lizards with a stick. But it will be smarter to create a good weapon and armor, stock up on different equipment and start hunting some big animal.


    • Think dinosaurs and players are the only ones you’ll come across? Then give a look in hidden dungeons...

    What News Jurassic Survival

    New location "Mad Dogs' Arena" is now available on the global map. This place is controlled by the most notorious psychopaths of the world of Jurassic Survival. If you are brave enough, take part in the new deadly activity. But remember: there will be only one survivor after the fierce battle

     Jurassic Survival Mod Info

    1. Unlimited Money
    2. Separated many items with quantity 1
    3. Made without iteam
    4. Build a house without iteam
    5. Upgrade without iteam
    6. Level 60
    7. Infinite equipment
    8. Infinity
    9. Infinite coins / energy / points

    Information Jurassic Survival

    Name : Jurassic Survival
    Os : 4.1 To Up
    Updated : Desember 2019
    Offered By : Mishka Production 
    Catagory : Action
    Size : 60 Mb
    Detail : Google Play

    How To Play Jurassic Survival

    1. Download Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
    2. Setting / Security / Checklist Unknown Source
    3. Instal Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
    4. Gameplay

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