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    Free Download Picsay Pro v1.8.0.5 Apk Full Latest Version For Android  - Sampulmedia.com - Hai semua kali ini kami akan membagikan aplikasi yang sangat populer untuk mengedit foto atau gambar, aplikasi ini bernama Picsay Pro Apk, ukuran apps Picsay Pro ini sangat kecil dan juga ringan untuk semua sistem operasi, sebenarnya banyak sekali apps atau aplikasi yang bisa digunakan untuk editing foto selain Picsay Pro ini, akan tetapi Picsay Pro ini sangat recomended untuk digunakan dalam mengedit foto , misal seperti menambah text, mengubah background foto ataupun menambah foto serta mempercantik foto atau gambar tersebut. Karena aplikasi Picsay Pro Apk ini termasuk aplikasi yang berbayar, maka dari itu banyak orang yang menggunakan Picsay Pro Apk ini untuk keperluan editing user android, setidaknya di google play ada sekitar 500.000+ user android yang telah instal. untuk di googleplay kalian dapat download Picsay Pro Apk ini dengan membayar sebanyak sekitar 2$. Cara menggunakan Picsay Pro Apk sangat mudah, di dukung dengan fitur - fitur editing yang lengkap serta yang terpenting kalian dapat menggunakan aplikasi android Picsay Pro Apk dimana saja kapanpun. Dan sesuai judulnya pada postingan kali ini admin akan membagikan Picsay Pro Apk secara gratis tentunya sudah versi pro dan unlock, keunggulan dari Picsay Pro versi premium adalah kalian dapat menggunakan fitur secara penuh dan jug tidak akan ada iklan pop up yang akan muncul. selain itu Picsay Pro Apk yang akan admin share adalah versi update terbaru dengan fitur seperti font terbaru, Stiker emoji berbasis Unicode 9 oleh EmojiOne, Dukungan teks multiline untuk Judul, Efek cahaya dan bayangan untuk stiker dan masih banyak yang lainnya. Untuk kalian yang mencari aplikasi ini Picsay Pro dan penasaran kalian dapat instal dan Download Picsay Pro v1.8.0.5 Apk (Full Version) Apps For Android  secara gratis dibawah postingan ini.

    Download Picsay Pro Editor Apk Full Latest Version For Android


    Hi all this time we will share a very popular application for editing photos or images, this application is called Picsay Pro Apk, the size of Picsay Pro apps is very small and also light for all operating systems, actually there are lots of apps or applications that can be used for editing photos other than Picsay Pro, but Picsay Pro is highly recommended for use in editing photos, such as adding text, changing photo background or adding photos and beautifying photos or images. Because this Picsay Pro Apk application includes a paid application, therefore many people use this Picsay Pro Apk for editing users of Android, at least in Google Play there are around 500,000+ Android users who have installed it. for googleplay you can download this Picsay Pro Apk by paying around 2 $.How to use Picsay Pro Apk is very easy, supported by complete editing features and most importantly you can use the Picsay Pro Apk android application anywhere at any time. And according to the title in this post the admin will share Picsay Pro Apk for free, of course, the pro and unlock versions, the superiority of the premium version of Picsay Pro is that you can use the feature in full and there will also be no pop up ads that will appear. besides that Picsay Pro Apk which will share admin is the latest updated version with features such as the latest fonts, Unicode 9 based emoji stickers by EmojiOne, multiline text support for Titles, light and shadow effects for stickers and many others. For those of you who are looking for this Picsay Pro application and are curious you can install and Download Picsay Pro v1.8.0.5 Apk (Full Version) Apps for Android for free under this post.

    Features of Picsay Pro Editor

    Insert Picture should no longer return you to the start screen
    Set Default Export Format by tapping jpg or png extension
    Apply effects like Cross process
    Make color splash out of black and white pictures
    Remove red eye
    Apply effects like Cross process
    Add text
    Insert cutouts of other pictures
    Word balloons
    Faux HDR
    Crop and straight
    Color numbers are back and added the ability to save up to 14 custom colors
    Pencil sketch and many others.

    What News Picsay Pro

    Adresses bug in Android Lollipop 5.x affecting LG, ZTE, and Moto devices
    Multiline text support for Titles
    New Title font and styles
    Added Unicode 9 based emoji stickers by EmojiOne
    Warp Brush effect for devices that support OpenGL ES 3
    Glow and Shadow effect for stickers
    Perspective transform in Insert Picture
    Easier Resize, just set the size you want and choose "Scale..."
    "Save as file..." option in Export to save to SD cards
    If you have any issues please send us an email.

    Information PicSay Pro Apk 

    Name : PicSay Pro
    Os : 2.3 To Up
    Updated : Mei 2019
    Offered By : Shinycore
    Catagories  : Photography
    Size : 1.47 Mb
    Detail : GooglePlay

    How Install Picsay Pro Editor

    Download Picsay Pro Apk
    Masuk Setting / Security / Checklist Unknown Source
    Instal Picsay Pro Apk