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    Donwload Human Evolution Mod Apk ( Money ) v1.0.27 For Android | Sampulmedia.com |Evening all the best friends of the game for the time I really want to share the latest and popular android game that is quite unique ini.di here is included in the category of Casuel made by Math Education. This day goto for you guys because I will distribute moded version by one gamers. Human Evolution is not many people who know with 3d design that looks like this cartoon is a bit strange. But if you have entered and play long enough will make you addicted. Additional features from here like unlimited money you can use to brighten the game easier. eager to try it. please donwload Human Evolution pk here for free


    Description :

    Sore semua sahabat game untuk kali saya ingin sekali membagikan game android terbaru dan populer yang cukup unik ini.di sini masuk terdapat dalam kategori Casuel yang di buat oleh Math Education.hari ini kebagian untuk kalian karena saya akan membagikan versi  moded oleh salah satu gamers. Human Evolution memang tidak banyak orang yang tahu dengan desain 3d yang mirip seperti kartun ini agak aneh.tetapi jika kalian sudah masuk dan memainkan cukup lama akan membuat kamu ketagihan.fitur tambahan dari sini seperti unlimited money dapat kamu gunakan untuk membaut game lebih mudah .bagaimana ingin sekali mencobanya.silahkan donwload Human Evolution pk di sini secara gratis.

    Features Human Evolution

    Human evolution

    • One of the earliest defining human traits, bipedalism -- the ability to walk on two legs -- evolved over 4 million years ago. Humans are primates. Physical and genetic similarities show that the modern human species, Homo sapiens, has a very close relationship to another group of primate species, the apes.
    • Humans first evolved in Africa, and much of human evolution occurred on that continent. The fossils of early humans who lived between 6 and 2 million years ago come entirely from Africa such as (fish evolution, crocodile evolution, evolution dragon, monkey evolution, anthropoid evolution, human evolution)
    • The Process of Evolution:
    • Life on Earth began from 3.6 million years ago, in a period of 3 billion years, microbes and algae are the forms of life on Earth. And maybe there is a major change in climate, a variety of plants and animals, in the form of multicellular species appeared.. This is the ancestor of the creatures that have appeared in the evolution of fish in the water (fish evolution), followed by fish evolved into land animals 4 feet (crocodile evolution, evolution dragon). Next animal species evolving into 4 feet 2 feet (monkey evolution, anthropoid evolution, human evolution). In each stage of evolution,
    • In every period of human evolution, the animals will have to be marked as an important basis to evolve into today's humanity, as evolving apes, and prosperous human evolution, human evolution
    • Part 1, Human evolution: The game evolved from monkeys of species-being of people.
    • Feature arboreal apes and said climbing to move, and to gather food to eat and live. Undergoing evolution, intelligent apes can jump to the ground and running, hunting since then evolved into a prosperous people...

    • At phase of climbing trees you must skillfully control monkeys jump to each of the branches when peaked the game will move on to phase run. 
    • At phase running you have to control the monkey running and avoid rocks on the road by tap the screen to jump combined with gather intelligence. When there is enough intelligence you can unlock other characters more colorful.
    • Part 2, Human evolution: The game evolved from the anthropoid apes (chimpanzees):
    • After evolving into prosperous people live primarily on the ground, species-being obliged to learn to hunt intelligence service of survival, and the tools to be creative in order to serve life hunting and foraging .

    • At swing phase you must quickly control character that does not fall to the ground or bump into obstacles. You must click on the button up below the screen to the character jump and click on the button rotate helps character reverse the tightrope to avoid obstacles.
    • At phase running you have to control the character on the road has just hunting has just gathering intelligence associated with avoid obstacles is rock. You can tap above the character to character jump and tap below character to sell forest animals on the run. When intelligence gathered enough you can unlock new weapons.

    Information Human Evolution

    Name :  Human Evolution
    Updated : May 5, 2018
    Os : 2.3 to Up
    Offered : Math Education
    Size : 31 Mb
    Catagory : Casuel
    Detail : -

    How To Play/Cara Memainkanya

    1. Download Human Evolution Mod Apk 
    2. Setting / Security / Checklist Unknown Source
    3. Instal Human Evolution Mod Apk
    4. Finish