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    Donwload Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare v2.0.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Coin) | Free Donwload Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare Apk | Sampulmedia.com |Hai apa kabar kalian ini adalah game yang banyak di gemari yang bertipe zombie.tentu saja kalian pasti penasaran dengan ini.seperti game zombie lain musuh kita adalah para zombie yang menyerang secara war.dan modal kalian untuk melawan mereka adalah skop,palu dan lain-lain .yang sudah bosan dengan game zombie yang menggunakan desain grafis 3d kali ini bisa mencoba ini .desain nya menggunakan 2d tetapi ini sangat lah seru.dengan peralatan sederahana kalian harus membasmi para zombie agar tidak memakan kamu.untuk tampilanya sendiri terlihat sangat lucu zombienya karena terlihat gundul dan berlumuran darah.untuk membantu kalian mengalahkan semuanya kami di sini membagikan lagi versi modif Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare mod apk yang bisa digunakan dalam setelah menginstall dan memainkanya pertama kali.

    SCREENSHOT GAMEPLAY : Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare

    Description :
    Hi how are you guys this is a lot of games in the gemari a zombie type. Of course you must be curious about this. Like other zombie game our enemy is the zombies who attack in war.dan your capital to fight them is scop, hammer and others, others who have been bored with zombie games that use 3d graphic design this time can try this .design it using 2d but this is very exciting. with the tools you should seduce to eradicate the zombies so as not to eat anda.untuk its own looks very funny zombienya because look bare and covered with blood. to help you defeat everything we are here to share again the modded version of Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare mod apk that can be used in after install and play it first time

    Features Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare v2.0.2 Mod Apk


    Resist and defy the evil undead in this new tactical survival sequel of Dead Ahead!
    Fight for freedom and become a fearless slayer of the undead in one of the funnest survival
    games of the year! Kill raid after raid of zombies, collect supplies, look for survivors and
    most importantly... create your own legacy!


    Defend your bus and endure opponents scarier than any devil or demon! Break through
    barricades while you slaughter the corrupt corpses. Gather your team of gladiators and send
    them one by one into battle! Use any means necessary to ward off the horde of pixel crazed
    flesh eaters! Slash, shoot or burn the dead with barrels, Molotov cocktails and grenades. Be
    direct and explosive or stealth kill your opponents.


    Show that you have real steel to conquer the maps! Be creative and combine different types
    of units to win! Use tactically offensive and defensive moves to kill all the zombies and the
    barricades! Be creative and assault them for maximum bloodshed. Remember – the rising
    dead won’t make it easy for you.


    Collect items, earn experience and complete quests to upgrade your units and vehicles. The
    more gear you get, the more zombies you will be able to take on! Become the ultimate slayer
    of the undead! Banish the banshees to eternal hell! Contrast your high score with other

    Information Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare v2.0.2 Mod Apk

    Name : Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare
    Os : 4.1 To Up
    Updated : March 14, 2018
    Offered : Mobirate Ltd
    Catagory : Strategy
    Size : 50 Mb
    Detail : Google Play 

    How To Play/Cara Memainkanya 

    1. Download Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare v2.0.2 Mod Apk
    2. Setting / Security / Checklist Unknown Source
    3. Instal Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare v2.0.2 Mod Apk
    4. Gameplay 

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