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    Donwload Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes 2.1.16 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold+Coins) Free On Android | Free Donwload Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes Apk| Sampulmedia.com | ingin memainkan game yang menantang dengan kategori fighting dan effect yang keren mungkin disini kalian bisa dapatkan yang kalian main dengan memainkan game Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes,game tersebut memang sangat bagus dengan grafik yang lumayan anda akan di bawa petualangan yang mengagumkan dan juga mengasyikan dan kalian juaga akan menghadapi musuh yang bertipe zombie,dengan control yang bagus membuat kalian lebih efesien untuk mengalahkan zombie yang paling menakutkan ,tidak hanya itu kalian juga harus mengupgrade atau menganti senjata kalian demi bisa menghancurkan para zombie yang kuat ,unutk itu kami di sini akan berusah membantu kalian mengatasi kesulitan dari Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes agar kalian mampu melewati semua level dari Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes,dengan cara memberikalian mod apk Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes yang akan bisa membuat kalian menjadi unlimited coin dan dapat kalian gunakan utuk mengupgrade senjat-senjata kalian untuk membantai para zombie.

    SCREENSHOT GAMEPLAY : Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes

    Description :

    Want to play a challenging game with a cool fighting and effect category maybe here you can get that you play with the game Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes, the game is very good with a decent graphics you will be taken with an awesome adventure and also exciting and you guys Juaga will face zombie-type enemies, with good controls making you more efficient to defeat the most frightening zombies, not only that you also have to upgrade or change your weapons in order to destroy the powerful zombies, so here we are going to help you overcome the difficulties of Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes so you can get through all levels of Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes, by modifying the Stickman Legends apk: Ninja Heroes that will make you unlimited coin and you can use it to upgrade your weapons to slaughter the zombies.

    Features Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes 2.1.16 Mod Apk

    This game is the greatest RPG action game, is combination of fighting games and shooting games. Epic heroes including Stickman, Ninja, Knight, Shooter, Archer fight in a war to defend the kingdom. Like other fighting games, you will be brought to the awesome adventure world, have to face against many zombies, monsters and mighty opponents but more than that, you have an opportunity to show off your shooting skill as to be in shooting games. No more concerns about the internet, now you can enjoy this game every time you have and everywhere you are with full action games experiences. Are you ready to be the greatest player in this stickman games?

    In each adventure battle, you’ll play stickman warriors who are on a journey of conquering the dark world which filled with a lot of swords, weapons, skills and awesome skins. Be ready for exciting stickman fighting games, you can be a fighter and master the stick game. Do you have the drive, courage & passion to master!

    1. When the battle begins, each ninja needs to fight off the dangerous zombie that are constantly attacking him. Whenever you want to hack them, slash them use the great controls on the right bottom side to kill or avoid getting killed. This is an insanely hard battle all the time but if you use multiple skills, you will have ability to make your ninja more powerful. Try not to be hard hit by the monster and zombie by his magic legion.

    1. You will be stunned with the graphic & sound effects of Stickman Legends. Be a stickman hero, be a ninja hero, do some crazy powerful magic and burn the darkness world. Beside that, at the end of each level there are a slow motion that will amaze you to the fullest. Smartly utilize the controls to fight with maximum effect!
    1. Enjoy utilizing the multiple upgrades in the best rpg game. Some zombies are extremely dangerous & you will need more powerful weapons than the starting ones. Upgrade the attack, armor, health to be better in each level!

    1. There are different characters in game, and the levels, attack, defense & hp are really important in how well you will cope with the zombie enemies. You can upgrade or even buy more gem, stamina, gold, etc. Skills help them increase their power many times & wipe out the enemies at a glance in each war. Warriors can also use special abilities & weapons to destroy the monster faster like sword, gun, hammer, archery… in each battle.

    Information Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes 2.1.16 Mod Apk

    Name : Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes
    Os : 4.1 To Up
    Offered By : Zitga Studios 
    Catagory : Action
    Type : Online/Offline 
    Size : 88 Mb
    Detaail : Google Play

    Cara Menginstall Game/ How To Play

    1. Download Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes 2.1.16 Mod Apk
    2. Setting / Security / Checklist Unknown Source
    3. Instal Stickman Legends: Ninja Heroes 2.1.16 Mod Apk
    4. Gameplay  

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