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    Donwload Plague Inc.1.15.0. Mod Apk ( Unlocked )  Last Update  | Free Donwload Plague Inc. Apk | Sampulmedia.com | Haloo penggemar games simulation yang ada di dunia ,dan di sini kami akan memposting game dengan strategi yang tinggi dan ketegangan yang tidak biasa dari sebuah game simulation yaitu games Plague Inc yang sangat realistis ,
    ya ini adalah games dari sebuah virus pantogen yang dimana kalain simulation untuk mencegah virus tersebut agar tidak menyebar di dunia ,dan tugas kamu sakarang adalah memastikan sampai mana virus patogen ini menyebar keseluruh dunia.sekarang kalian harus engembangkan wabah dari virus ini dan menyesuaikan diri seperti yang ada pada sifat manusia games Plague Inc cukup populer yang lebih dari 200 juta orang sudah memainkanya,games ini memang tidak mengunkan action sma sekali dan Plague Inc mengukan ketelitian kalian dan juga otak kalian agar menysun obat tersebut menjadi berhasil,dan kami disini akan memposting games yang dapat membantu kalian membuka even't dari Plague Inc yang bisa membuat kalian lebih mudah untuk fokus ke tantangan Plague Inc.


    Description :

    Haloo fans of simulation games in the world, and here we will post the game with a high strategy and unusual tension of a game simulation that is very realistic Plague Inc. games,

    yes this is the game of a pantogen virus which is a simulation to prevent the virus from spreading in the world, and your task is to make sure that the pathogen virus is spreading to the whole world. Now you must develop an outbreak of this virus and adjust as there are on human nature games Plague Inc is quite popular that more than 200 million people have played it, this game does not use action sma once and Plague Inc. mengukan your thoroughness and also your brain to menysun the drug to be successful, and we will here post games can help you open up events from Plague Inc. that can make it easier for you to focus on the challenges of Plague Inc.

    Features Plague Inc.1.15.0. Mod Apk

    Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation.

    Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero'. Now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself.

    Brilliantly executed with innovative gameplay and built from the ground up for touchscreen, Plague Inc. from developer Ndemic Creations evolves the strategy genre and pushes mobile gaming (and you) to new levels. It’s You vs. the world - only the strongest can survive!

    top game globally with 200 million+ games played

    Plague Inc. is a global hit with over half a million 5 star ratings and features in newspapers such as The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald, The Guardian and London Metro!

    What News

    1. Plague Inc. Mutation 15 Discovered - The Mad Cow Disease Update
    2. WARNING - Three new official scenarios break out in the latest Plague Inc. update!
    3. Mad Cow Disease
    4. Evolve a new variant and devastate global food chains!
    5. Where Is Everyone?
    6. Almost everybody in the world has mysteriously vanished!
    7. Flight Club
    Every country in the world now has an airport - how many air miles can you get?

    Information Plague Inc.1.15.0. Mod Apk

    Name : Plague Inc

    Requires Android : 4.0 to Up
    Offered By : Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
    Type : Offline/Online
    Category : Simulation
    Size : 51 Mb
    Detail : GooglePlay

    Cara Menginstall Game/ How To Play

    1. Download Plague Inc.1.15.0. Mod Apk
    2. Masuk Settings / Keamanan ( Security ) / Checklist Unknown Source
    3. Instal Plague Inc.1.15.0. Mod Apk
    4. Finish / Gameplay

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