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TankBattle3Dv1.16 ( MOD MEGA ) For Android

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Donwload TankBattle3Dv1.16 ( MOD MEGA ) For Android | Free Donwload TankBattle3( MOD MEGA ) For Android | Sampulmedia.com | TankBattle3D merupakan game battle yang berbasis 3D yang di buat oleh Kitmaker Entertainment S.A. ,disini kalian akan mengendari tank yang ada banyak musuh musuh tank vs tank ,dan tentu saja kalian harus mengupgrade tank kalian untuk mengalahkan musuh musuh kalian ,dengan tembakan yang harus semakin besar ,ada beberapa jenis tank yang berbeda dan kalian harus basmi.tentusaja kalian tertarik dengan game ini maka silahkan donwload game TankBattle3D di bawah dan rasakan game ini.


Features TankBattle3Dv1.16 ( MOD MEGA )

Tank Battle 3D is the world tank war you've been waiting for!

You have to complete the missions to win this war in a desert tank world,

In the second world war in desert and your country needs you to defeat all enemies.
It's up to you to claim a victory over the enemies to your country.

Your mission is to destroy all enemy's tanks you'll find in the desert.
Complete all the missions, and you will become a Titan Desert.

You can use the cannon or machine gun from your tank to destroy the enemy tank.

Are you ready for action?

Will you be the next hero of war? Or will you die trying?

  • 8 Different Tanks
  • The Centurion 
  • Type 58 Panther III 
  • T-84 
  • The Monarch 
  • M50 Patton 
  • 31 Bandit 
  • The Avenger

 Choose the right tank for each mission, and you will become a HERO
 Unlock every tank by completing missions

10 Missions with different objectives and enemies
 Destroy enemies tank
 Defend the base
Resist until reinforcements arrive
Many Different enemies to defeat
TankJeep,Plane ,Enemy's ,General
Choose the action's point of view you like the most to attack
1st Person View (You can use either machine gun or cannon in the tank)
3rd Person View (only cannon can be used but the shot is more accurate)(inside tank view)

Information TankBattle3Dv1.16 ( MOD MEGA )

Name : TankBattle3D
OS : 4.0 to Up
Offered By : Kitmaker Entertainment S.A.
Size :  51 Mb
Type : Offline / Online
Detail : GooglePlay

Cara Menginstall Game/ How To Play
  1. Download TankBattle3Dv1.16 ( MOD MEGA )
  2. Masuk Seting / Kemanan ( Security ) / Checklist Unknown Source
  3. Instal TankBattle3Dv1.16 ( MOD MEGA )
  4. Gameplay / Finish


Cara Untuk Download Di Sampulmedia.com / How To Download Sampulmedia.com

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