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    Download FROM THE SEA v1.1.6 Mod Apk | Free Games Download FROM THE SEA v1.1.6 Mod Apk Unlimited Money | Best Android Games | Top Games For Mobile | Sampulmedia.com - Hai semuanya kali ini akan membagikan game seru yaitu game pesawat tempur bernama FROM THE SEA , game ini dikembangkan oleh MASILGAMES , game ini bisa kalian mainkan dismartphone kalian secara offline atau wifi. Untuk grafisnya sendiri game FROM THE SEA ini sudah 3D , kalian bisa menemukan berbagai pesawat dan juga misil yang berbeda - beda di game FROM THE SEA ini, dan untuk mempunyai berbagai perlengkapan tempur untuk mengupgradenya kalian perlu money dan untuk mendapatkannya kalian harus mengalahkan musuh dan juga menyelesaikan misi, Nah yang akan kita bagikan adalah modifikasi dari FROM THE SEA atau mod apk , keunggulan mod apk FROM THE SEA ini adalah unlimited money , jadi kalian akan bebas memainkan game FROM THE SEA ini, Bagaimana kalian tertarik untuk memainkan game FROM THE SEA yang keren ini di smartphone kalian.


    Hi everyone this time will share the awesome game that is fighter game named FROM THE SEA, this game developed by MASILGAMES, this game can you play dismartphone you go offline or wifi. For your own graphics FROM THE SEA game is 3D, you can find various aircraft and also different missiles in this game FROM THE SEA, and to have a variety of combat equipment to upgrade you need money and to get it you have to defeat the enemy and also complete the mission, Well that we will share is a modification of FROM THE SEA or mod apk, excellence mod apk FROM THE SEA this is unlimited money, so you will be free to play this game FROM THE SEA, How are you interested to play the game FROM THE SEA this cool on your smartphone.

    What's New

    New warplane (Gripen, Typhoon) added.
    Middle east episode rebuilded.
    Bug fixed.

    Features FROM THE SEA v1.1.6 :

    • Free to GamePlay
    • Enjoy the game without having to worry about Wi-Fi or Data
    • Various strategies and tactics
    1. Arm yourself with different aircraft and weapons!
    2. Upgrade your warplanes and aim for the limit!
    3. Pick an appropriate weapon from a broad arsenal: AIM, AGM, Smart Bomb, Torpedoes, etc.
    4. Equip your warplane with the weapons of your choice!
    5. Use the terrain and altitude to outsmart your opponent!
    • Various warplane
    1. A-4, A-6, SU-25, A-7, AV-8B, S-3B, A-10D
    2. F-8, F-4, RAFALE, F-14, MIG-29K, F/A-18, F-35C, T-50, f-22
    3. KA-27, NH-90A, AH-53, S-97, CH-47, Ka-52
    4. F-117, B-1B, AC-130, B-2
    5. MIG-21, J-10, J-20, GUNSHIP, TU-95, AN-225

    • Realistic graphics and sound
    1. A realistic portrayal of aircraft carriers, warplanes, warships, etc.
    2. Provides realistic sound and authentic reactions

    • Various enemies and battlefields
    1. A war that's truly worldwide in scale ( SPRATLY ISLANDS / N.KOREA / MIDDLE EAST )
    2. Experience all types of terrains: oceans, deserts, mountains, urban, etc.
    3. Sink enemy submarines with torpedoes!
    4. Use bombs to destroy enemy bases and warships! (MK82,83,84 / GBU-12,27,28 / MOAB / CBU87,97/ EMP)
    5. Shoot down enemy fighter jets and helicopters with Air-to-Air Missiles! (SIDE WINDER / SPARROW / AMRAAM / PHOENIX)
    6. Destroy enemy bases and tanks with an air-to-ground missile!(MAVERICK / HARPOON / JASSM / HELLFIRE / SLAM_ER / TAURUS)

    • Point-based Ranking
    1. Individual Ranking
    2. Complete the mission to earn rewards and points.
    3. Climb the ranks and compete with friends from all over the world!

    Information FROM THE SEA Apk :

    Name : FROM THE SEA
    Os : 2.3 To Up
    Offered By : MASILGAMES 
    Updated : September 28, 2017 
    Size : 40 Mb
    Detail : Google Play 

    Cara Memainkannya / How To Play :
    1. Download FROM THE SEA v1.1.6 Mod Apk
    2. Masuk Setting / Security ( Keamanan ) / Checklist Unknown Source
    3. Instal FROM THE SEA v1.1.6 Mod Apk
    4. Gameplay 

    Download Mod Apk